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This website aims to publish my academic works and activities as the political analyst particularly in the area of political parties, election, democracy as well as Islam and politics.

Therefore, I have three kinds of academic activities namely research, teaching and consulting. The research is my way to update recent issues and methodology so that I have novel findings to teach my students and to share with national and international academic forums.

Besides, political consulting is part of my passion for enhancing my networks with other partners especially in the issues of political parties, election, and democracy. Please feel free to contact me through my email ridhoalhamdi@umy.ac.id

Publication Projects
Supervising Theses

Islam dan Politik

Epistimologi Oksidentalisme

Partai Politik Islam

Teknik Alokasi Suara Menjadi Kursi Parlemen

Democratic Governance

Politik Inklusif Muhammadiyah

Indonesian Political Ideology

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